Arran Memorial Garden, Shiskine, Isle of Arran, Scotland

The Arran Memorial Garden  -   Plaque Application

The Arran Memorial Garden is here
as a multi-faith / no faith location.

The Trustees of the Clachan restoration project have devised a scheme that enables anyone who wishes to retain a connection with a place they hold dear, to do so by means of a plaque of remembrance. It is therefore now possible to place specially designed plaques within the walls of the old preaching house, which has been dedicated as an Arran Memorial Garden.

For this purpose beautiful high quality 8in x 6in bronze plaques can be purchased only from the Shiskine Valley Trust, at a cost of £299, by filling in the contact form below, that goes to Hendry's Funeral Services.

Besides allowing relatives and friends to be remembered, part of the proceeds from the cost of each plaque goes directly to the restoration fund, ensuring that the Arran Memorial Garden (Old Clachan Preaching House) will always be properly maintained for future generations to enjoy. 

£299  -  Cost of a plaque of remembrance

Please fill in the form below to apply...

on the plaque the maximum inscription is...
10 lines of text with 30 characters per line (including spaces)

Here is a sample Bronze Plaque  8" X 6"

Old Clachan Church Plaque

"By purchasing this plaque you accept that the ongoing maintenance of your plaque becomes the sole responsibility of you and your successors and The Arran Memorial Garden will not be held liable for any damage to, loss of or deterioration in the condition of said plaque."

Arran Trust

The  Arran Trust contributed to the restoration of the Old Clachan Church.

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The Arran Memorial Garden (Old Clachan Church) is situated in the west of the beautiful Isle of Arran, Scotland, UK.

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